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Truth Seeker for Justice

"In Memory of Stolen Lives - We are their Voice"

About Us

The purpose for Truth Seekers for Justice's Organization is to advocate the commission of a crime and to Seek Justice.

Truth Seekers for Justice maintains or defends the rights of Stolen Lives as their Voice, in the same manner as the counselor does in the common law.

Advocacy is to take initiative step to develop and facilitate changes in the non investigative (investigated) cases in order to make life or situation better for the lost loved ones family grievances. If we continue to be engulfed by the crime of stolen lives then regretfully so the growth rate exceeds the truth to the incident. 

Truth Seekers for Justice will stand up for the people, advocate and investigate in a manner that will work hand in hand with law enforcement. This is our proclamation to our advocacy.”to speak or write in favor of; support or urge by argument; ...Advocacy is about finding solutions to problems that needs to happen everyday. We shall continue to strive at becoming an advocate of peace and be that voice of the parted loved ones.

Truth Seekers for Justice would assist in seeking Truth and Justice by our many resources of retired Law Enforcement Officers, Private investigations and forensic experts providing detailed investigative reports that perhaps the many current law enforcement agencies lack of funding, resources and understaffing have to offer to facilitate that proper investigation for closure all citizens do deserve. Our advocacy would be on the level much like subcontracting a case that would be throughly investigated then professionally presented to State Prosecution and DA's.

Our Organization is based on the belief that a person, family and loved ones support and grievances are of the utmost importance. WE DO CARE!