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Truth Seeker for Justice

"In Memory of Stolen Lives - We are their Voice"

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Justice for Natasha

Posted on July 20, 2012 at 9:50 PM Comments comments (1)
Justice for Natasha Boykin
...In some strange way, I understand why God would call you to Him. You were an angel here on earth so it makes perfect sense. You were loyal to a fault. You readily admitted mistakes and tried to learn from them. You challenged us all to be better, to strive to be better. Nobody is perfect, which meant we always had someway that we ...could grow as individuals. You could always make me smile, no matter my mood. I wish I could tell you how much you meant to me and how big a part you played in my life and who I am today. May you rest in peace my sweet angel. If we are lucky enough, we will meet again. For now, there is still work to do in your memory. There are those of us that will never give up the fight just as you taught us. Fight for what is right, no matter the cost. You would do the same. You will always and forever have a special place in my heart. I love you and miss you more than I can articulate. Until next time my love.
With all my Love,
Your Kitty

Trayvon Martin case brings up memories, opens old wounds for mom of slain Jacksonville Beach, Fla. young woman

Posted on April 3, 2012 at 10:17 AM Comments comments (0)

Florida mother demands police to reopen and investigate the death of her daughter Natasha Boykin

Posted on March 16, 2012 at 1:34 PM Comments comments (108)
Welcome to Truth Seekers for Justice Blog:
We are currently open to conversation about our new non profit charity in Memory of Natasha Boykin along with our hopes to help other charities and causes. 
This story is about Truth Seekers real truth, not half truths including facts and what the factual truth is about! 
What is memory in relation to anyone who has lost or had a loved ones life stolen from them.  A stolen life is not necessarily about murder, in so much  anything should be consider as a stolen life, from cancer, SDS, cardiac arrest or a soldier who has fought for our country. The list could go on and on. Most importantly a memory is all that you have left to remember a loved one in the fondest way or to simply remember the kindness and precious moments of that person.  It is not to allow the other side to demeanor, deflect or try to diminish any or all memories that are left.  We believe for any persons to be so cold and black hearted with absolutely no conscious of their actions is truly very sad within itself. 
For any person to get away with a crime by way of allowance in the criminal justice system is seen and known to us as a total miscarriage of justice.  Any kind of inept actions by law enforcement itself is an intentional injustice to all humanity.  To then have it capped off with a malfeases of inaction by duty or to the profession in all aspects of humanity is an abomination to our society for which we stand.  Our tax paying dollars do not deserve the power of a badge to make determinations of a cause of death.  A police badge is to enforce the law not determine it. In addition, for law enforcement to then close all doors after a bias action that may have been done for a civilian friend to then assume and remain in the position of power by jurisdiction and to continue their actions by erroneously informing national media of all criminal justice agencies involvement is all sad and true.  It was truly a sad day for Angel King, Natasha's mother to be informed by the Jacksonville Beach Police that her daughter was found in her boyfriend Willis "Casey" White home with a single gunshot wound to her chest.  She was advised they were handling this case (homicide) and investigating - little did we know that they immediately wrote the case off as a suicide with absolutely no investigation.  We discovered from this boyfriend that he and his family have very close friendship ties with the Jacksonville Beach Police Department. The police gave him back the gun 23 days after her daughters death violating Florida Statute 933.14 (3) - although the whole time they were advising us of an investigation with ballistics and trajectory testing being conducted.  The toxicology report was complete within 24hrs - normal time is 60 to 90 days.  The Jacksonville Beach Police Chief Bruce Thomason has never not once responded to her requests to meet with him and our pleadings for help of a proper investigation. 
Chief Bruce Thomason of the Jacksonville Beach Police Department is busy writing his third book about the white sandy beaches of Jacksonville Beach and a serial killer running loose but refuses to professionally handle his position of authority or power to do what is right, his job!!  You see one thing we know is that if he never meets with her he would not be lying about friendships or certain connections with the White family - now mind you that just our guess as to the reason that he would never meet with her. This is the first experience we have ever had of a police chief refusing to meet with a grieving family that has so many unanswered question about their loved one who was murdered just blocks away from this police station itself.  The Jacksonville Beach Florida Police Department is located by a 7.36 square mile area of that there has been reported 49 Suicides to 10 Homicides.  Angel King's daughter Natasha Boykin was one of those statistics.  Natasha's mother would like to reach out and ask if you or a loved one may have experienced similar situations or cases please contact us so we can try and help you.  In any case time is of the essence but essentially also know that there is no statute for murder.  If Angel King can help you she will.  Her loss of her daughter Natasha has been overwhelmed by grief and much sadness but has decided to turn this around in a positive light and chose to allow the motions or emotions to encompass her heart with this mission in mind.  Angel identifies it as the five "C's" -Consideration of love and support by Contributing herself and funds to Create Charitable acts for good Causes.  Ms King adds the number five was Natasha's favorite number.