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Consideration of FACTS, and TRUTH!!

Posted on August 1, 2012 at 11:37 AM Comments comments (1)
ELECTION time is here - FLORIDA -Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach is a 22 square mile area with a reported 98 Suicides to 23 Homicides - of that Jacksonville Beach alone takes up 1/3 = to 7.36 square mile area with their... reported 48 Suicides to 10 Homicides. Once the police state suicide it is never questioned or investigated and reflects the image of the crime rate down and budgets in control - even when the lost loved ones have evidence to prove otherwise. Sadly my daughter was listed as their statistics - while we have clear and precise evidence to prove otherwise. Example the police admit the holes in her shirt were not from gunfire but that of a struggle - she was shot in her right breast, stated as a horizontal shot through and through. Just a slight example to the contrary is that there is definately a downward 13 degree angle gunshot wound. In addition with Natasha having been shot into the right breast how would that explain her torn bra - where the strap is sewn to the cup on the left side. Natasha also had a gash to the back of her head and a large bruise on her forehead and bruising on her bicep and her neck. There was no markings of gunfire, soot or particles on her bare arms or hands although if she had of really shot herself she would have had to hold the weapon backwards and used her thumbs - most definately would not still be holding the weapon especially after her body was moved by at least 32 inches, as stated how the boyfriend found her with the gun in her hand barrel up. Nothing from the top of her head to collar bone was noted by the medical examiner. The medical examiner admitted she strictly went by what the police told her it was as a suicide. I have a tape recorded message from her contrary to the police stating it was up to the medical examiner. Any other agency realizes this botched, inept case that the Jacksonville Beach Police still retain juristiction. IF WE ARE SO WRONG THEN PROVE IT TO US AND ALLOW FOR A PROPER UNBIASED INVESTIGATION TO OCCUR. There has been notification erroneously spread that ALL agencies concur but truly no agency have done anything but a preliminary review due to the police chief from Jacksonville Beach not allowing but simply a review of what he ONLY WANTS THEM TO SEE! WE ALL deserve the TRUTH! Therefore I keep my FAITH and PRAYERS for JUSTICE in this matter. GOD FORBID any other parent to have to go through what we have.

US DOJ, US Attorney General, Governor Rick Scott

Posted on May 3, 2012 at 1:25 PM Comments comments (115)
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001
April 16, 2012
To whom it may concern;
 I am writing you todayin request that an investigation be conducted on the Jacksonville Beach PoliceDepartment in FLORIDA.  This police department as an agency standing alone in a 7.36 square mile area has reportedmore than 50 Suicides vs. 11 Homicides. How is this humanly possible for a tourist community?
 On November 11, 2009,Natasha Boykin of Vilano Beach Florida sadly had been tagged as one of their statistics for Suicide.  The family andfriends had been informed that there was a homicide investigation beingconducted.  Natasha’s boyfriend Willis“Casey” White admitted on his interview tape of the personal and family deeprooted friendships with officer and officials within the policedepartment.  Evidence strongly suggeststhis was covered up and was displayed as a staged crime scene!  The police Chief Bruce Thomason hasabsolutely refused to meet with the family even after the mother has pleaded atleast four times. Chief Bruce Thomason is apparently busy writing his thirdbook of the white sandy beaches of Jacksonville Beach FLORIDA and a serialkiller running loose. This is sad to say the least for any police chief to be allowedto be so prejudice and haughty at the taxpayers’ expense.
 We respectfully requestthe same kind of internal investigation as the Trayvon Martin case sorightfully deserved.  In the State of FLORIDA this is all too common of any death investigation receiving quick andbiased write offs. 
 Our point is that once asuicide is ruled by the police it is apparent that ends up being the onlyinvestigative protocol performed. Suicides also known as suspicious oraccidental deaths do not receive any kind investigation.  How do they know this is warranted as such ifthere is no investigation to start with? Simply put this police department has not been held accountable to dotheir jobs. The commission of an act that is unequivocally illegal orcompletely wrongful.
 The self made determination and end results, never questioned display only the appearance ofthe crime rate down with budgets remaining in control.  The bottom line everyone is happy except theloved ones with clear and precise evidence to prove otherwise. We have presented to these agencies only that of their own malfeasance.  The erroneous presentation to the people andcitizens as a safe place to visit and live is an abomination to say theleast.  We are curious in particular tothis agency recognized by rewarding officers for changing old ladies tires butis not adequately trained to investigate a homicide?
 The Jacksonville BeachPolice Department retains a certification under CALEA Law Enforcementaccreditation program.  The standardsmanual to retain of CALEA accreditation process is that of the standards of LawEnforcement for the "best professional practices" all of thisaccreditation has been violated by the Jacksonville Beach Police Departmentsown Chief Bruce Thomason.  The Chief isthe person who is responsible to set the example within his own agency.  If we have and do present ourselves with thefacts in relation to the homicide of Natasha Boykin what else may have beenwritten off, swept under the carpet? There has been no change from the city manager to the chief of police inJacksonville Beach Florida in over 25 years. Both the chief and city managercame into the city within months of one another.  Our own government entities stick with oneanother by their fine blue line code of silence, knowingly of a wrong beingcommitted and leaving the taxpaying citizen with the grief, sadness at the sametime they savor their taste buds with tax payer’s money for their proclaimedwell earned pay checks.
 We have requested threetimes to meet with the city manager in reference to the malfeasance by the police chief and his agency. The only response wereceived back was a brief dictation written by the commander for theJacksonville Beach Police Department advising us to fill out a short form at thetime of a council meeting, we would have five minutes to present and addressour complaint.
 The Jacksonville BeachFlorida City Ordinance under section 33 cites:
“ A committee authorized by the council and/or the manager shallhave the power to inquire into the conduct of any department, office or officerof the city and to make investigations as to municipal affairs, and for thatpurpose may subpoena witnesses, administer oaths, and compel the production ofbooks, papers, and other evidence. Failure to obey such subpoena or to produce books, papers, or other evidence as ordered under the provisions of thissection shall constitute a misdemeanor and shall be punishable by a fine not toexceed fifty dollars ($50.00) or by imprisonment not to exceed thirty (30) daysor both. Any officer, person, or committee conducting the investigation shallreport to the city council all violations or neglect of duty, or anymisfeasance, malfeasance or nonfeasance in office, or improper conduct on thepart of any city official that may come to his or its knowledge. No member of any investigative committee shall be an employee of the city, an elected official, or a relative of an employee or an elected official, or have any personal interest in the subject being investigated”.
 We then were looking into the city ordinance for permit requirements to picket. Wereceived an anonymous phone call to be very cautious and advised that thepolice chief had it planned to have an officer plant illegal substance on themother to arrest her?
 The special prosecutor who had been appointed for the Trayvon Martin case is the same State Attorney who retains jurisdiction on Natasha Boykin’s case.  State Attorney Angela Corey has been sitting on Natasha Boykin’s case since May of 2011 a year and a half after Natasha’sdeath.
 State Attorney Angela Corey’s investigator Dale Gilbreath concurred with SA Huseman of FDLE; March of 2010 only after the mother’s complaint had been addressed. This case was unknowingly warranted as asuspicious death although at the same time the family was led to believe andentrust the statements by the police department they were investigating. Laterand only by the refusal by the police to investigate was when the mother called FDLE and complained.  Later after thecase was supposedly reviewed the SA Huseman of FDLE concurred by March 25, 2010 before all cell phone records had been received.  By the end of May 2010 Natasha’s family andexperts found disturbing evidence from the crime scene video tapes and crime scene photos ALL taken by the Jacksonville Beach Police Department. The crime scene photographs and crime scenevideos were signed out by the investigator for the State Attorney’s Office Mr.Dale Gilbreath. It is obvious they had never reviewed them either along withthe concurrence before the cell phone records were received or the subpoenas complied with. 
 In April 2011 the mother sent out a national press release.  The story was on local news four times and in local newspapers.  The Jacksonville Beach Police Departmentwould not interview but wrote a statement advising that the case had beenconcurred with ALL agencies including the FBI. By November 2011 the mother did a FOIA request to the FBI.  The response received was that the FBI was never involved in the case.  Additionally at that time the case was in a case "SUSPENDED' status and not"CLOSED" as informed to the media. The mother called the police and asked about the SUSPENDED status andwas advised that was true but they still refused to investigate.  The Jacksonville Beach Police Departmentrefused to investigate or turn the case over to an unbiased agency even afterthe admission by the boyfriend who found Natasha and admission to the closefriendships with that police agency.
 The police never advisedthe family her body had been moved although she was killed instantly.  The family discovered her body had been movedmore than 30 inches more than a month after her death although the motherstressed to them someone was there. Natasha lived with her mother and was not suicidal. The family was advised by the boyfriend the status of the case, the same day the police gave him his weapon back without ever testing it violating Florida Statute 933.14(3) along with his clothes (never tested) 23 days after her death.  Some of the evidence that we speak of iscrime scene photographs the police had taken with Willis "Casey"White aka Casey White (boyfriend) standing in front of the police cruiser with what appears to be an ankle holster in his pant leg; high velocity gunpowder particles and blood on his forehead and hand he could only get by being presentat the time of gunfire.  Nothing was confiscated!
 The toxicology report on Natasha was complete within 24hrs - standard time is 60 to 90 days. The boyfriend Willis 'Casey White aka Casey White of Ponte Vedra FLORIDA - Palm Valley Area was NOT tested for any kind of toxicology levels, although the crime scene photos taken by the police display a whitesubstance under his nose. His clothes and his weapon were never tested.  Only two evidence markers at the crime scene1) Natasha 2) the weapon on top of her cell phone.  On their bases by conclusions of mysterioustext messages from a phone that was never fingerprinted.  A subpoena issued by the State Attorney’sOffice had never been complied with. Fraudulent documents from an agency of the City of Jacksonville werereceived by the family under a public records request.
 Natasha was 4’10” tall100lbs knew nothing about guns and was afraid of them. Natasha received asingle gunshot wound to the chest hitting her aorta and killing her instantly.The weapon .357 magnum was never fingerprinted. The crime scene photographs taken by the police, displays a solidfingerprint on it.  Forensic pathologistDr Jonathan Arden reported specifically that based on the evidence Natashacould not and did not shoot herself.  Two years later we were advised the fingerprint was not clear enough to determinewho exactly it was, although in the same breath the boyfriend was ruledout? 
 The mother retained DrJonathan Arden forensic pathologist who represented the Chandra Levy case in Washington and the Dionte’ Rawlings shooting wrote a four page report on thesuspicious death of Natasha Boykin. Dr Arden clearly states in his report this was a staged crime scene and theevidence does not sum up to a suicide.
 The medical examiner Dr Valerie Rao had completed what was titled as an autopsy report within the firsthour of receiving her body then later admitting three times to the family’sprivate investigator she did NOT do an autopsy. Dr Rao did NOT note anything from the top of Natasha’s head to hercollar bone, although crime scene photographs and photos taken by Dr Rao depicta large bruise on Natasha’s forehead. Other scars, bruising, contusions and defense wounds were never noted.Dr Rao did not do a sex assault test on Natasha although when her body wasreceived her jeans were unbuttoned, unzipped with her panties on inside out. Inaddition Natasha was wearing a Nuva Ring birth control that had never beennoted either.
 On Friday April 13, 2012the medical examiner now appointed Chief Medical Examiner for the 4th district Jacksonville Florida admitted to First Coast News locally of malpractice andviolations of the 11G code and the Florida Statute Chapter 460 within her ownagency. Specifically at the time of Natasha’s lack of investigation resulting in another written off death. This proclamation by Dr Rao is consistent withthe case of Natasha Boykin’s family 17 page complaint filed to the MedicalExaminers Commission Tallahassee Florida on September 11, 2011.  The medical examiners commission wrote themother back in January 2012 and stated there has been criminal wrong doingsalthough they found no wrong committed by Dr Rao?
 The family private investigator Mr. David Hodges received enhanced photographs, also still photosfrom the crime scene video tape. These enhanced photographs came from aforensic photographer. There are many inconsistencies in these pictures to havethis case determined and ruled as a suicide.
 Our position of the death of Natasha proves there was indeed no investigation for a suspicious death due to the movement of Natasha’s body. This was not a simple roll ontoher back.
The inconsistencies ofblood going straight down her back? - as the police reported " she slumped to the RIGHT when she sat on the floor and leaned up against the bed and shotherself" but her body was moved to the LEFT more than 30"- there isno mention by the medical examiners report of lividity on the right side of her neck?
 There was no mention ofthe bruising and marking on the left side of her neck? If she did indeed slumpto the right - why would blood go straight down her back? Why would drool go UPher face to her right temple area? Why would she have a large bruise on herupper right side of her forehead (never noted by the ME)? Why would she havewhat appears to be bruising on her right shoulder blade? The bathroom wasapproximately 20' from where Natasha was found so why would there be blood onthe bathroom door casing? and the bathroom floor? GSR -soot and faint blood ona towel? Abrasions, under Natasha’s breast and upper stomach area? Holes in hershirt are inconsistent from the gunfire? Natasha’s bra strap shows it was torn from the cup, and missing on herleft side inconsistent with the gunfire. Natasha was shot into her right side.The mattress has no blood or hole in the enhanced photos?  The statement made in Dr Arden’s reportspecifying a hole into the mattress cover ONLY! All noting and recognized asinconsistent with a through and through shot with the projectile to have been imbedded into the mattress.
 The bathroom door casing for instance mentioned in Dr Arden report is definitely blood (many feet awayfrom Natasha’s body) consistent with the still framed photo of the bathroomfloor of blood the police stepped over on the crime scene video tape.Additionally the abrasions as mentioned by Dr Arden are on the enhanced photosat the crime scene.
 White had two cellphones also but when the subpoena was issued for only one more than threemonths after Natasha’s death. White the boyfriend, volunteered his cell phonebill that reflects NO text messages beyond 11:07 pm on the 10th - Natasha waskilled in the early morning hour of the 11th.
 We strongly believe by the evidence we have and the condition of the crime scene, the rigor, tachenoir' etc., that Natasha was killed prior to the suggested 2:04 am textmessage. There are inconsistencies with the text messages such as defaultsignatures missing and auto defaults between upper and lower case letters. Thisis only that of our review from the whites face book page displaying them. Atelecommunications expert has been communicating with the private investigatorMr. David Hodges. They are currently working on an investigative report of thecell phone records subpoena issued by assistant State Attorney Mr. John Guy that had never been complied with.
 As we have been so wellinformed, any agency in Jacksonville Florida refuses to admit any oversight orlack of investigation for the allowed erroneous cause of death ruling.  There has been absolute refusal to interviewall of the persons that were a part of the evening of Natasha’s death.  The State Attorney Angela Corey’sinvestigator Dale Gilbreath had a meeting after our second meeting with MsCorey, investigator Dale Gilbreath advised the mother his decision was made notto do anything for us on this case. We were and still are very disappointedthat they have taken this position. We suggested to them that they really needreview the JSO video that was taken 11months after Natasha’s death compared tothe one from the JBPD as there is a significant amount of inconsistencies inthem as well as ALL the alibis, sworn statements, and cell phone records ofreceived text messages.
Angel King

State ethics: 'Reform is essential'

Posted on March 30, 2012 at 12:50 AM Comments comments (1)
A statewide grand jury recently concluded that public corruption is widespread throughout Florida.  Interesting whatever happened to the grand jury suggested points at the request of the govenor??? hhhmmmm!