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Zimmerman prosecuter's lead investigator polishes badge from his own spit of lies

Posted on June 28, 2012 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)
The same State Attorney Angela Corey as special prosecutor on Zimmerman case ignore prosecution of the murder case of Natasha Boykin.  Lead investigater Dale Gilbreath impeded, and contributes to botching case from his own and Jacksonville Beach Police malfeasance.  Dale Gilbreath polishes his badge from his own spit of lies.
State Attorney Angela Corey ignores her constitutional duty to disclose or forward to the proper chain of command for fraudulant documents and information of the murder case of Natasha Boykin.
FRANKLIN D ROOSEVELT recognized this fact, as he stated "Repetition does not transform a lie into the truth".
Duval County Florida Public Records reveil from vital statistic reports in Jacksonville Florida - The tourist community of Jacksonville Beach area alone is a 7.36 square mile area with police reported 49 Suicides vs. 10 Homicides. Sadly Natasha was murdered there and written off as a statistic of suicide.
The State Attorney as special prosecutor for Zimmerman case is aware of this along with fraudulant documents submitted displaying a fax transmittal dated three weeks prior to Natasha's death and persons of interest being present at the crime scene but not mentioned on the police reports or questioned. The same person went to a concert with the boyfriend who found Natasha deceased in his family apartment along with Natasha's BFF just a few weeks after Natasha's death.
Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach Florida has reported 98 Suicides vs. 23 Homicides in a 22 square mile area. Once police state suicide it is not questioned, investigated keeps the crime rate down and budgets in control. Appearence displays everyone looks good except the lost loved ones who have clear and precise evidence that proves otherwise to police OPINION!
These statements are public records information and clearly display exactly what President FRANKLIN D ROOSEVELT recognized as factual TRUTH our own governments need to not ignore "Repetition does not transform a lie into the truth".

Comparison of lead investigators opinion on Zimmerman case to Natasha Boykin case

Posted on June 19, 2012 at 12:06 PM Comments comments (0)
Recorded deaths2.docx (DOCX — 17 KB)
Close up forehead GSR crime scene photoThe close up photos of his forehead and hand identifies as the same substance that is on the GSR patches (stippling) matches. The lead investigator for the special prosecute on the Zimmerman case at his bond hearing identified stippling on Zimmerman and Trayvon Martins sweatshirt.  This lead investigator testified he identified the substance based off of the crime scene photographs when he came into the investigation five weeks after the fact.  He had to solely rely on crime scene photographs since he was not involved from the beginning. Behind close doors this lead investigator identifies this same substance (stippling - GSR patches) in these photos but in general public he proclaims he does not know - ?
GSR patch and face match same substance crime scene photo
There seems to be failure to acknowledge or admit by certain officials not doing their job - makes you wonder why unless you see transcripts of the interview with Willis Casey White in these photos admitting of his own and families very close personal friendship with certain superiors and officers of the Jacksonville Beach Florida Police Department.  The Chief of police refuse to speak to us  - therefore he would not be lying to us about the permitted personal friendships. 
The Mayor of the city of Jacksonville Beach Florida posts all his emails he receives on their website - we wrote requesting a council meeting about complaints filed against the agency including Chief Bruce Thomason - they do have not responded to our requests additionally our letter of complaint and request has never been posted like every other email inquiry.  We assume that will unfortunately be more expense for the several thousand  postcards to be handed out, mailed so that the people know of the vital statistics reports of the reported 49 Suicides to 10 Homicides in the 7.36 square mile area of Jacksonville Beach Florida.  An extended version of the vital statistic reports reveal that there has been a reported 98 Suicides to 23 Homicides in the 22 square mile area of FLORIDA"S Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Neptune Beach area.  Suicides stand alone while Homicides are many causes of death! Once the police report a Suicide it is never questioned - not investigated, keeps the crime rate down and budgets in control. Everyone looks good except the lost loved ones who have clear and precise evidence to prove otherwise - such as Natasha's case.  There has been several people who have contacted the Govenor in Florida - Rick Scott to intervene and investigate the erroneous reporting of actual homicide cases.  The requests to the Governor falls on deaf ears and does not get past Warren Davis of the citizens reporting department.  Mr Warren Davis refuses to respond or return phone calls.  It is stated that the Governor cannot do anything that the police department who has jurisdiction is the only agencies that have presidence due to the jurisdiction. This includes any form bias corruption.  Our question is how or why then would the Governor order special prosecutor Angela Corey on Trayvon Martins case if the Sanford State Attorneys Office and Sanford police had jurisdiction and actually truthfully did their job? 
We are willing to bet that more than 85% were cremated, which would secure the erroneous, lack of and/or refusal for proper justified investigations.  When there is a homicide an investigator for the State Attorneys Office should have become involved from day one.  The special prosecutors lead investigator for the Zimmerman case in Florida just so happened to be the same investigator for Jacksonville Beach Florida area and Natasha Boykins case.  This lead investigator Dale Gilbreath never had a file, or even arrived at the scene to investigate.  This is why we believe he refuses to admit publicly of the failure to identify their own crime scene evidence and photographs collected. 
There seems to be a major flaw that deflects from any truth about this tourist community! The vital statistic reports reveal in this tourist community that apparently anyone who wants to end their life seem to plan it on their vacation and go to Jacksonville Beach Florida area!
We need the publics support on this case - please! Any contributions to further support our financial obligations to personally pay for the investigation and legal fees for truth in "Justice for Natasha" is greatfully appreciated. The financial burden has weighed heavily on Natasha's mother who has never been able to honestly grieve the loss of such a beautiful child. Please take the time to visit our website