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Truth Seeker for Justice

"In Memory of Stolen Lives - We are their Voice"

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Posted on August 7, 2012 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (96)
Law enforcement is paid by tax paying citizens to protect and serve, and their duty is to uphold and enforce the law! Attorneys (most) are paid by every day citizens to seek Justice and present their case before a Judge and Jury. The same for a Special Prosecutor, ie D.A., State Attorney to present prosecution before the court of law for a Judge and Jury to decide. I am so very sick and tired of hearing of all these law enforcement agencies standing up for one another citing the knowing who what where and why of a case. Proclaiming jurisdictional bias due to the juridiction where the crime took place, they seem to have ALL the say including FINAL say! I say give this mother/family peace of mind, and some form of closure. Allow for the Justices to seek Justice for Michelle!
This is very sad ..... as for me like dejavu all over again....about this tragedy! Natasha had just came back from Hawaii and was breaking it off with the boyfriend and only had two more things to get from his house....The attorney states a person who is not lying does not waiver on their story...hhhmmmm! well what about the boyfriend in my daughters case? The sheriffs office states many expert and investigators have been involved ...the same for our case!