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Head games? Tag your it? MONOPOLY? or conveinant AMNESIA?

Posted on August 16, 2012 at 10:12 AM Comments comments (116)
Head games? Tag your it? MONOPOLY? or conveinant AMNESIA?

Natasha's mother wrote to the Florida Governor pleading to him for help! The Governor writes back, he cannot get involved! Natasha's mother writes back informing the Governor about Vital Statistic reports for the 7.36 square mile area where Natasha was found deceased about the reported 49 Suicides to 10 Homicides. The Florida Governor states he cannot do anything!

The Florida Governor then within weeks, speaks out and reports to the media about the crime rate for murder decreasing by 2.6 percent taking Jacksonville Florida out of the highest murder crime rate statistic. REALLY?

This actually may be true in ISOLATION ONLY! Suicides stand alone.....Homicides consist of several causes of death! If a Homicide is written off as a Suicide it does not come into the equasion of the decrease in murder rate. If one were to take a Suicide case written off quickly without investigation it would not reflect into a MURDER rate equasion either!

Natasha's mother writes the Governor again. This time Natasha's mother, Angel is completely ignored. Natasha's mother, Angel sends a copy to the Governor of her 17 page complaint to the Medical Examiners Commission (FDLE). Again no comment from the Governor! Only this time there is no response, reply or anything. Natasha's step father writes the Governor only to be completely ignored also.

The Governor then appoints State Attorney Angela Corey (Jacksonville Florida) on the board for the Medical Examiners Commission (FDLE). The same State Attorney who has juridiction on Natasha's case. The State Attorney refuses to excuse herself from juridiction to allow another look into the case fairly, and unbiased.

The Medical Examiners Commission specifies to Natasha's mother after filing her 17 page complaint that if the State Attorney was investigating Natasha's case then they would have to wait until the State Attorney was done. The State Attorney then would have to excuse herself from this particular case for their review.

State Attorney Angela Corey's lead investigator Dale Gilbreath called the Medical Examiner's Commission (Dec 2011) upon discovery by the State Attorney's Office of the complaint filed.
By the beginning of January 2012, and all of a sudden the Medical Examiner's Commission drops the investigation of Angel's 17 page complaint stating that she did not inform them that the State Attorney already investigated the case. This statement is untrue and is mentioned in her complaint. Additionally there was mention of the inept proclaimed investigation. Also in the cpomplaint she reported to the Medical Examiners Commission that nothing was noted about Natasha and ALL her defense bruises on her body and particularily the FACTS that the Medical Examiner noted nothing from the top of her head to her collar bone.

April 2012, the Medical Examiner Dr Valerie Rao (who the 17 page complaint referenced) advises the media that there was indeed criminal violations of FAC 11G and FS Chapter 406, within the Medical Examiners Office during the time period of her title as an associate Medical Examiner who signed Natasha's death certificate.

The Medical Examiner's Commission wrote a letter to Angel and sent it to her January 2012. Althouth the State Attorney was not done with her REVIEW (not investigation) as the Medical Examiner's Commission advised Angel would have to take place.

In May of 2012 Dale Gilbreath called Natasha's mother and advised her that she was a selfish, inconsiderate, vile, dispicable woman. Lead Investigator Dale Gilbreath stated that his boss State Attorney Angela Corey had him write a letter to Natasha's mother, Angel and as soon as the State Attorney signed it he would send it to her. Natasha's mother rec'd the letter the day before mothers day 2012.