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Denial Access of Public Records by State Attorney Angela Corey

Posted on June 21, 2016 at 6:18 PM
Friends please share and spread the TRUTH about this State Attorney Angela Corey, who should be removed from office.
The State Attorney Ms Corey hides behind her minnions. This agency is denying me anymore public records requests even on NEW DISCOVERY! Below is my response to their denial access of public records:
Mr Kantor
> Ms Corey advised my attorney and private investigator and Emory
> King and me that this was a Murder Case. Since there is no
> statute of limitation on Murder any public records requests
> no matter how many times requested should be answered. I
> have paid and/or offered to pay each and every time.
> Mr Kantor, since you have been involved in this case you
> never responded accordingly but only to deflect from any
> requests made. We have provided you with our response about
> the non existant employee for the funeral home. We also
> provided you with a copy of the letter from the funeral
> home. We received this from the funeral home in August 2013.
> The letter you refer to in your attachment on your denial
> letter dated Sept 2015, had been created by someone after Mr
> Brokaw met with Dooley from the JBPD.
> When I originally met with Jeffrey Brokaw and told him the
> police would not release my daughters clothes to me, Brokaw
> then made an appointment with Dooley at JBPD to see about
> getting my daughters clothes. I provided Mr Brokaw with my
> proof as next of kin and also the document from Dr Rao that
> the medical examiners office did not retain her clothes.
> It was not until that meeting Brokaw and Dooley had that the
> letter of the non existent funeral home employee came into
> existance. That letter reveals the unlicensed transporter
> who were the ones that ONLY transported my daughter from the
> crime scene to the medical examiners office. This
> unlicensed transporter did NOT transport her to the funeral
> home.
> At the request of Ms Corey we had already provided this
> during the two meetings we had with her in the year 2011.
> Angela Corey advised us she was going to look into it and
> also the documents from a different company that was
> licensed to transport human bodies. Unlike the tree shrub
> and debris removal business that transported my daughter
> from the crime scene to the medical examiners office. Angela
> Corey advised us the licensed transporter was the ones who
> transported my daughter to the funeral home. When we had
> pointed out to Ms Corey that the TWO fax transmittals to TWO
> Corey advised us she would get back with us after she
> investigated the documented proof she requested from us.
> The documents by the licensed transporter that were
> presented to Ms Corey, only identified my daughter. There is
> no mention of her clothes whatsoever. However there is
> documented proof Dr rao claims ALL EVIDENCE on MEDICOLEGAL
> INVESTIGATIONS is retained by the police and or crime labs.
> In addition to the three letters by Dooley of the JBPD and
> the two tape recordings also claiming the JBPD has my
> daughters clothes.
> Ms Corey also requested at our first meeting when we came in
> to prove Corporal Randy Hughes JBPD, Commander Dooley JBPD
> and the primary suspect Willis Casey White and family are
> very close personal friends as admitted on the interview at
> the JBPD. After the interview was placed in transcribed
> format we provided them as Ms Corey requested. During the
> meeting also was the mention of Scott Hughes of the SAO
> related to Randy Hughes of the JBPD and his son Wayne
> Hughes. Ms Corey claimed she was going to look into that and
> get back with us but never has never responded in writing or
> denied these allegations. Whats to make us assume anything
> different?
> Should we ask again, was my daughters death PREMEDITATED?
> Due to documents from the COJ time stamped three weeks
> before her death.
> Why did Ms Corey wait 5 1/2 years only to bring up the very
> letter we provided her requested proof it was bogus?
> Afterall Ms Corey said she was going to investigate and get
> back with us?
> Why hasn't the SAO responded explaining why Ms Petrie
> obtained confidential record illegally and has somehow
> disappeared from the SA Office?
> The SAO STAC reports does not even mention Ms Petrie
> assigned on this case especially during the time the case
> FORENSIC REVIEW because if there was you would be able to
> provide it.
> I will be contacting the First Ammendment Foundation, the
> Florida Bar and the Ethics Commission in writing with all
> attached documents.
> We recently received another expert report referencing our
> court ordered subpoenas on cellular records. This report
> report reveals the proof we need to prove her innocence. The
> cellular report is just one report of many expert reports
> that prove this case as one where the police refused to do
> their job wheather bias played a role or not, and the State
> Attorney did not truthfully disclose the status of this case
> to the media. Ms Corey did not speak the truth or seek
> justice for my daughter as a victim. Perhaps because the SA
> Office waited so long and relied upon Investigator Gilbreath
> to speak the truth about this case is your reason to
> continue deflecting from this actual murder cover up. We
> also now have the Evidence, Facts and Motive why this case
> is nothing more than a murder cover up.
> We will win and Natasha R Boykin will be exanurated from the
> charges that have been applied.
> Angel King
> Truth Seekers for Justice

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