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Truth Seeker for Justice

"In Memory of Stolen Lives - We are their Voices"

Truth Seekers for Justice has a group of experts in various feilds necessary to assist in the process that moves us towards the goal of Truth and Justice for the people.

Although many public records are just that, public record! When we request any public record it is not free by no means.

Your generous thought to contribute to our 501c (3) non profit organization permits us to continue with assistance on cases that have either fell to the wayside of investigation becoming a coldcase, or have resulted in refusal by law enforcement agencies to properly investigate .

These cases that have resulted in the loss of human lives, or as we see as stolen lives are legally deserving of a proper forensic review by experts. Our protocal is another step forward toward truthful justice that family and loved ones deserve. Truthfully quoted as a matter of fact all cases of sudden violent death deserve to be addressed before a court of law for a judge and/or a jury to make that final decision based upon the evidence presented before them.

ALL donations are gratefully appreciated ~ God Bless You ~ Thank You!